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Getting Started

Your peace of mind is closer than you think! Just follow these easy steps to your fresh start:

Step 1:
Obtain your Confidential Bankruptcy Questionnaire. You may request your questionnaire by:

Step 2:
Complete the questionnaire by providing as much information as you can. The initial consultation is more beneficial if the questionnaire is complete.

Step 3:
Contact us to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your particular situation.

In order to completely prepare the consumer bankruptcy papers, you must bring the following documents to the meeting:

  1. Completed questionnaire.
  2. Signed Disclosures.
  3. A list of all creditors and statements for the last six months, including:
    1. Complete addresses (including collection agencies),
    2. Account/loan numbers,
    3. Amounts(s) owing,
    4. Description of each debt, and
    5. Date debt was incurred; in the case of credit cards-when it was opened and when it was last used.

    Please provide copies of billing statements from each of your creditors. Your actual bill is needed to verify the names and addresses of creditors so that they can be properly notified of your bankruptcy case. Notification of the bankruptcy case stops creditor harassment.

  4. For each real estate mortgage:
    1. Copy of the latest statement(s) for each mortgage (i.e. first, second, lines of credit, etc.) showing the balance(s) due on the debt,
    2. Copy of any recorded trust deeds, and
    3. Proof of insurance on the property.
  5. Complete list of all creditors (including names and address of creditors, amount(s) paid and dates upon which payments were made) to whom you made payments to in the aggregate amount of $600 or more during the past 90 days (include name.
    1. A copy of your check register is good source for this information.
  6. For each Car and or Car Loan:
    1. Copy of the latest statement(s) showing the balance(s) due on the debt,
    2. Copy of the DMV registration, and
    3. Proof of insurance on the vehicle.
  7. Income tax returns for the last two years (including W-2, 1099, and K-1 information).
  8. Copies of any documents related to any distributions from a retirement account (i.e. IRA, 401(k), 403(b), etc.) received during the last twelve calendar months.
  9. Pay stubs for the last six calendar months.
  10. Statements for all bank statements (checking, savings, money market, certificates of deposit, etc.) for the last six calendar months.
  11. If self-employed, copies of monthly profit-and-loss statements for the past twelve months.
  12. A detailed list of your monthly living expenses (i.e., food, clothing, housing, utilities, taxes, transportation, medicine, etc.).
  13. Copies of any lawsuits or judgments, regardless of whether the client is a plaintiff or defendant.
  14. Copies of any divorce decrees and/or property settlement agreements entered into with the last three years.
  15. Copies of any orders for child support or alimony obligations; and
  16. Copies of any family trusts, prenuptial agreements, or divorce decrees.

After our initial meeting, we will prepare your bankruptcy petition and related documents for your review.

Step 4:
Once all the necessary information has been provided and any required revisions have been made, we will meet again to sign the petition and related documents. The documents will then be filed with the Bankruptcy Court.

Once the petition has been filed, an automatic stay goes into affect protecting you from any further harassment from your creditors.